Low Carb Lobster – Down East Style

I spent the last week hanging out Down East (a coastal region of Maine). I’ve spent just about every summer of my life hanging out there, as my grandparents and now mother live there. To me, it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

It’s also one of the tastiest – with soft shelled lobster going for about $4 per pound, it’s hard not to feast on them every single night. The island my mom lives on has lobster business across the way, so we buy lobsters from their family.

Here is a pictorial journey of deliciousness and murder. Not for the faint of heart nor hungry of stomach.

Lobster Prison

Here is the lobster version of prison. Except instead of getting freed, you get eaten.

Me holding a lobster

The lobster attempted to pinch off my nose but sadly for him, his claws were banded.

A close up of the lobster

A close up of the lobster

Lobster pot and butter

The (hot) watery grave and melting butter pan

Lobster and butter

The final, delicious meal.

Lobster has ZERO carbs and is mostly protein. Add some fat with melted butter, and you have a fantastic low carb meal.

Soft shell lobsters are easier to crack and eat than a hard shell. I personally don’t think there is that much difference in taste (people purport that hard shell are sweeter). Great to order if out at a restaurant, or boil up a bunch at home.

You WILL need lobster crackers and forks, especially if you have hard shell lobster. I served mine with coleslaw.

Throw in some Diet Moxie soda pop and you’ll have yourself a true down east meal.

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