Recipe: Wild Boar Burgers with Gypsy Pepper salsa

Wild Boar Burgers

“Hey I would eat YOU if I had the chance… and it’s not my fault I’m so darn tasty!” (Photograph: Timm Schamberger/DDP)

I’ve been meaning to try out wild game meats for quite some time but the selection at the local grocery markets was kind of ‘meh’.
But since Amazon Fresh (online grocery delivery service) is free right now for anyone with Amazon Prime (which you can sign up for a free trial right now, totally worth it just for streaming videos, free ebooks, free shipping, etc), I decided to give Amazon Fresh a whirl and order me some wild boar to make Wild Boar Burgers!

Amazon Fresh partnered with a high end butcher shop in Los Angeles and had all sorts of ‘exotic meats’, including wild boar and elk!!

I wanted to keep the meal really simple so I could understand the taste of the boar. Therefore, I just added in some chopped up feta cheese, Valentino’s hot sauce, salt and pepper.

wild boar burgers

Gypsy peppers are refreshing, only lightly spicy and sweet. Win!

Thanks to my Farm Fresh To You CSA box, I have a SLEW of fresh produce I needed to use, including some beautiful heirloom tomatoes and a type of pepper called a ‘gypsy pepper’. I’ve never seen/had one of these before. Now, I hate spicy. So I was worried this was some evil, spicy pepper. So I took a small nibble.. then a bigger nibble… and finally a BITE. It’s lightly sweet and crisp and PERFECT for a salsa topping!

I chopped up an heirloom tomato and two gypsy peppers, and mixed it up with some salt and pepper. Twas a lovely and refreshing topping for the heavy boar and feta cheese burger.

wild boar burgers salsa

Heirloom tomato and gypsy pepper salsa


  • 1 lb Wild Boar
  • 1/3 cup chopped feta
  • 1/2 – 1 tablespoon hot sauce
  • 1 medium to large heirloom tomato
  • 2 small gypsy peppers


  1. Mix boar, feta, hot sauce and liberal amounts of salt and pepper – make into four patties
  2. If you have a bbq, grill them up. If you are like me and lack a bbq, broil the patties for 6 minutes on each side
  3. While broiling, chop up the tomato and peppers into small pieces and mix with salt and pepper and a dash of hot sauce if you want more kick
  4. Serve boar burger with salsa on top

Makes four servings

wild boar burger

Boar and Feta Burger with heirloom tomato and gypsy pepper salsa. Served with sauteed kale

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2 thoughts on “Recipe: Wild Boar Burgers with Gypsy Pepper salsa

  1. Hi There!
    I work for a non-profit called the Institute for Applied Ecology in Corvallis, Oregon that does ecological restoration. I’m helping them create an invasive species cookbook and I would love to possibly use some photos and a recipe (with credit, of course) of wild boar from your blog (link below). If you would like to share with us, please email me ( and tell me who to credit. I would especially like to use the mugshot photo of the boar! Send higher resolution images if you can.

    Thanks for your consideration!



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